Google Customer Match Combines Adwords and Email Marketing

Google Customer Match Combines Adwords and Email Marketing

Google’s new customer match service tied to Adwords, now allows advertisers to upload email addresses into their campaigns to better target users.

In the past, advertisers have had to rely on demographics & affinities provided by Google, or past online actions to target users in AdWords. Customer Match allows advertisers to now create and target a custom user audience simply by uploading a list of email addresses. This will allow advertisers to serve different ads or cater their bids for users at different stages of their purchase journey – whether they’re a hot new lead, an existing customer, or a frequent buyer. So long as you have their email address,

Customer Match allows you to reach them on Search, Gmail, or YouTube.

Google also announced that advertisers can upload these audiences and generate Similar Audiences to reach users with similar demographics and online behavior as the customers in their existing audiences. Similar audience targeting has been available on the Google Display Network for a while and has potential to increase the reach of your lists by 5x-10x!

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