Content Marketing

Helping People Make a Buying Decision — From YOU!

Combining Content Marketing & Social Media

Content Marketing is the process of educating your prospects about the products and services you sell.  The more you can help someone make a buying decision the better chances you have of that person buying from YOU!

The days of the hard sell are dead (thankfully).  Nobody likes to be sold to.

Instead of believing the old adage, A.B.C which stands for Always Be Closing, today’s mantra for the modern day marketer is A.B.E. — Always Be Educating!

Types of Content Marketing

Your content should be educational, informative and, above all, relevant to the needs of your customers and prospects.  Then it needs to be posted on your own website and distributed via your own social media. 

Types of Content Marketing Can Include:

  • Blog posts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Press releases

Content Marketing Topics Can Include:

  • How-to information
  • New product announcements
  • New hires or staffing announcements
  • Sales and promotions
  • Special events
  • Industry news
  • Product reviews
  • Product demonstrations

Our Content Marketing Packages Include:

  • Set up of all appropriate social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Attach all social media outlets to website
  • Set up social media automation account for automated posting and stats reporting
  • Article writing and formatting
  • All website posts and updates
  • Content Curation*
  • Content Creation**
  • Detailed Monthly stats and usage reports

Content Curation*

The first step to a successful Content Marketing program is Content Curation.  Content Curation means we scour the Internet every month based on your responses to our Content Curation  Questionnaire.

The goal is to find high quality blog posts written by others (though not direct competitors).

Then we push that content out through your own social media with links like THIS that include your company logo and call to action.

Content Creation**

  • We write two – four original 400-500 word blog post per month
  • We set up an account in your name to push curated content and created content out multiple times EVERY day.

The Big Why?

The end-game for content marketing is to increase sales.  The WAYS that content marketing can help achieve your sales goals is to provide useful information people are searching online for and then having that information be  found and consumed by the people looking for it.

Sounds simple enough, right?

The trick is making sure the content is optimized to have it come up in a the search engines as well as proactively spreading that information around via social media so that prospects, existing customers, and others can be exposed to your messages in the online areas where they hang out.   Some people may see your information on Facebook while others may see it on LinkedIn while others may prefer email.

[bctt tweet=”Creating useful content gives your business “ammunition” to load into your social media.”]Creating useful content gives your business “ammunition” to load into your social media outlets. Never before in marketing history have businesses been so empowered to deliver their own marketing messages directly to the people who want to consume them. Content Marketing IS that message!


INVESTMENT:  $500 one-time Setup and then $800 a month for three months.  May stop anytime after 3 months.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have an easy to update content management website such as WordPress to take advantage of our Content Marketing program.