Video Marketing

Build Trust & Get Found With Video


Using Internet video to communicate with prospects and customers on an on-going basis is a highly effective way to make an impression that can drive sales and search engine traffic!

Online Video is Perfect For:

  • Building trust
  • Demonstrating product benefits
  • Educating prospects about your value proposition
  • Illustrating complex concepts

Online Videos Can Be Used For:

  • Part of a content marketing strategy
  • Part of your social media strategy
  • Part of a PR campaign
  • Enhancing he SEO of your website

Using Video to Drive Traffic

Being able to keyword your video and generate search engine traffic to your own website is a key reason to use video. Think of the phrase that you would want your business to come up for on page one of Google and make a video to capture gobs of relevant and timely search engine traffic.

Our Video Packages Includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Setup of YouTube Channel and/or installation on existing YouTube Channel
  • Keyword video and transcript upload (for SEO)
  • Stock footage
  • Stock photos and still photos you provide
  • Scripting
  • Titles
  • Narration
  • Stock music
  • and more

Strike while the iron is hot and get your message in front of prospective customers and clients who are actively looking to do business with you right NOW!

Using Video to Drive Sales

Video landing pages are a key part of any online advertising strategy.  Using the latest technology we can use video to drive leads and sales by using a multi-channel marketing approach that can include mobile marketing, text messaging, email, voice and even direct mail.

Using Video to Set Your Business Apart

You work hard to market your business. And when a new prospect does make their way to your website, nothing sets you apart from your competitors like a a lively introductory video that puts your best foot forward while introducing your unique selling proposition. These snappy, enaging videos are perfect for use on your website, throughout all your social media channels, uploaded to LinkedIn, and even at the point of purchase in your store or office!  In the upper left corner of the video below you can access and view up to 20 videos in our playlist.