Pay Per Click Advertising

When You Need Immediate and Targeted Traffic

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Get Highly Targeted Search Engine Traffic

Nothing generates faster results and a greater ROI than PPC advertising.

Looking to increase your sales and generate immediate traffic to your site?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on Google and Facebook will allow you to bid on relevant keywords and you only pay if someone actually clicks your ad. With PPC advertising you will know exactly what keywords people are using to find you, precisely how much each lead costs and we can set up and track different calls to action via Google Analytics and Facebook Reporting to determine which ads are most effective.


  • Need to get the word out fast – impact is immediate
  • You sell recognizable brand name products
  • Have at least $1,000 a month to spend – spending less is a drop in the ocean
  • Selling a product or service that people are searching for
  • Need to reach people in specific geographical areas
  • Need to see direct correlation between money spent on ads and ROI


  • Keyword research
  • Set up of your campaign inside Google Adwords
  • Write all ads
  • Remarketing tracking pixel set-up and installation
  • Monitor results
  • Monthly reports
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INVESTMENT & REQUIREMENTS:  $950 one-time set up fee then $500 a month or 20% of ad spend management fee — whichever is GREATER.  We require a $1,000 a month ad spend and a 3-month minimum commitment.  May stop at any time after 3 months.  Set-up fee waived if similar campaign is restarted within 30 days. 3-month commitment (total $3,950 minimum for 3-months).


  • Complete and customized demographic and geographic targeting
  • Set up of your campaign inside your Facebook account
  • Write all ads
  • Initial branding campaign to build audience
  • Build a look-a-like audience based on branding campaign
  • Remarketing campaign to targeted audiences
  • Remarketing tracking pixel set-up and installation (WordPress only)
  • Monitor results
  • Monthly reports

Facebook is really more of an advertising medium than a social media platform these days.  One thing to understand as a business owner is this:  Facebook restricts how many of your own followers see your posts.  So if you have 1,000 followers, only about 70 of those followers will see your post.

Once you let that sink in and get over the shock and disappointment and get to the last step of grief, acceptance, you can begin to appreciate the power of Facebook as an advertising medium.

With Facebook We Can Target People By:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • City, state, country
  • Economic level
  • Hobbies
  • and tons more

Our Facebook advertising packages offer the following services:

INVESTMENT & REQUIREMENTS:  $950 one-time set up fee then $500 a month to manage campaigns.  $500 a month minimum ad spend (goes directly to Facebook via your credit card on file).  3-month commitment (total $3,950 minimum for 3-months).


Facebook Advertising