For the Love of Dogs – Supporting a Great Cause

For the Love of Dogs – Supporting a Great Cause

With all the human suffering and need out there you might ask me, “Why dogs?”

Well, as a lifetime dog owner and dog lover, I feel that animals in general and dogs specifically, are often at the mercy of human beings.  And not always in a good way.

Dogs are dependent on their humans to feed, care and shelter them and are incapable of surviving and thriving in a human-run world without humans to care for them.

No matter the age, dogs are the babies and children that never grow up..

And we know all too well the misery, suffering and neglect perpetrated by horrible human beings upon animals that are so willing and capable of giving unconditional love and acceptance.  Dogs deserve better.   And while I can’t right every wrong or rescue every stray or save every abused dog, the Sato Project has been rescuing, healing, transporting and finding forever homes for thousands of dogs since 2011!


While one individual can make a contribution by volunteering time, money or both, I feel that leveraging the infrastructure and expertise of a well established organization such as the SATO Project can go a lot further.  By teaming up with the SATO Project, we can make 1 + 1 = 3!  


Since the SATO Project has personally been my charity of choice for over 5 years,  and on the anniversary of our 15th year in business, now is the perfect time for me to commit my business to helping this very worthy cause.  To that end, Samson Media will now donate a percentage of monthly proceeds to this worthwhile organization.  


Please watch our blog for continuing information about the truly heroic efforts of this wonderful organization: