Are You a Content Creator?

Are You a Content Creator?

content marketing company New JerseyWhat does being a content creator mean and why is that important for your business?

Content creation, content marketing and content curation are the online marketing trinity that works in conjunction with its close cousins, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).


Your goals for driving relevant search engine traffic to your sites web pages involve the following steps:

  • Create one page for EACH product of service
  • Do keyword research to determine your best keyword phrases
  • Implement relevant keywords and META tags on your pages
  • Drive traffic and social media activity towards those pages

As part of our standard SEO packages we recommend optimizing at least four product or services pages.  Yes, you can certainly do more but we don’t recommend doing less, since doing fewer than four doesn’t seem to create the necessary keyword density that’s required to really make an impact (at least that’s what we’ve found from trial and error over the years).  We equate it to spitting in the ocean or a needle in a haystack.  Choose your metaphor but we’ve found four or more pages (plus the home page) seems to work as desired in terms of generating page one search engine rankings (as you can see in these SEO success story examples  HERE).


We refer to these four optimized pages as the “core four,” or your tent pole pages.  These will be your primary areas of your business that you want to drive traffic to.  Here’s some ways to not only drive but ATTRACT relevant traffic to your Core Four Pages:

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Driving traffic to your Core Four Pages


The whole point of setting up your core four content pages on your site and then directing all off-site activity towards these pages is to reinforce and support them in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google.  By directing and linking specific content elsewhere on your own site or blog towards these pages reinforces their association with their individual keyword sets.  Add liberal doses of social media activity — posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn that link BACK to these pages — and you’ll continue to reinforce the relevancy of these pages to their topics.


For example, if one of your core four pages is about the window treatments you sell, you should have blog posts and social media posts about WINDOW TREATMENTS directed at the WINDOW TREATMENTS page, NOT the home page of your website.  Make sense?  Send all traffic on a given topic area to the specific topic area page of your site.

This has benefits from a myriad of perspectives that include both simple site usability as well as SEO.  All things being equal, when Google sees a site with social media “signals” and link activity going in and out to specific pages of your site, it begins to rank those pages higher and more frequently than similar pages without social media and link activity.


The Holy Grail is to get people to share and link to your content marketing pages that all should have links back to your core four pages, strengthening and reinforcing the association between your keywords and your content.  The more shares, links, clicks and pageviews your pages receive the more frequently they will be returned in the search engine results pages.  When it comes to content marketing, more is more and the rich get richer.  Static websites with no activity?  Not so much.

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