SEO Case Study – Sales Coach

SEO Case Study – Sales Coach

Granted, we’ve been optimizing the website for our client Susan Ascher for a couple of years now, so it’s no surprise that her SEO rankings have soared, but it’s still worth noting all the ongoing efforts that we perform that have worked to get this long-time coaching client toward the top of page 1 rankings for top-performing keywords like “sales coach NJ”  and “sales coaching NJ” among many others as you can see here:

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The days of simply keywording a webpage, adding META tags and waiting for your page to rank are long gone.  So how did we do it and how can we do it for you?  Here’s the 5 steps we’ve taken consistently to get our coaching client ranked prominently on page 1 of the Google search results for her most relevant and important keywords:

  1. Blogging:  we write and create a consistent, steady stream of topical, informational and, above all, relevant blog topics.
  2. Events:  Susan creates constant buzz and website activity by hosting, promoting and discussing a variety of networking events with signup forms and an event calendar on the site that is constantly updated.  No stale or years-old information here!
  3. Email marketing we send an average of one email a week to promote her networking events.  We switch it up by also including links to her informative blog posts to drive traffic from the email newsletter to her website to either sign up, read blog posts or view her calendar of events.  Emails should always be used to DRIVE TRAFFIC back to the website.  Don’t include the whole article in the email.  People won’t read it.  It’s too long.  Excerpt and link to the full article.
  4. Use Keywords:  “I thought you said keywording no longer works?’  Yes and no.  Keywords by themselves won’t do much without being using strategically and contextually within relevant content.  At the end of the day, search engines, like Google, are still indexing for keywords but with the latest algorithm updates over the last few years (Including June of 2019)  your keywords have to be used conversationally, in context and be surrounded by other, related keyword phrases.  While ranks highly for “sales coach”-related phrases, they are also paired with related phrases such as “entrepreneur,” “solopreneur”  “sales development” and similar phrases.  Keywords are much more effective when surrounded by a good, supporting cast of relevant keywords.
  5. Website best practices All of the above tactics will be rendered less effective without a mobile-ready website (essential) with clear and simple navigation.  Every page within the site is only one click off the home page.  No confusing side menus or annoying pop-ups, etc.

In summary, activity, content creation and proactive efforts to send traffic back to the main website are all factors that keep websites getting noticed.  Activity, inbound links, social media, email marketing are all all small tasks that add up and build momentum over time.

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