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A comprehensive system for increasing your visibility and amplifying your message to attract more clients.

websites for life coaches
websites for life coaches
websites for life coaches
websites for life coaches
websites for life coaches
websites for life coaches
START HERE:  If you are a Life Coach, Executive Coach, Positive Psychology Coach or Career Coach we can help you launch or grow your coaching business.  We have extensive experience working with coaches and we are very tuned in to your challenges and needs.  Here’s how I believe we can help and why:

We Can Help Build Your Website

We are uniquely qualified to build your website, having built many sites for various coaching clients.  We know what info you need to include and how to arrange your pages for maximum search engine visibility.  You can see many examples of our work building website for coaches HERE.

We Can Write Your Blog Posts

We understand the coaching business so we can either write all your blog posts on a regular basis or supplement your own efforts so you are always generating content.  Why is this important?  Because educating your prospects and coaching clients is the best way to position yourself as an expert while increasing your search engine visibility and giving your social media purpose and focus. While included as part of the  Comeback Campaign you can also buy the Content Marketing services separately HERE.  Ask us for samples!


We Can Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

Using a variety of tactics that include claiming your Google My Business listing, to keywording your website, to generating inbound links and building your online profile (name, address, phone number) across the internet, we strongly believe in a multi-pronged approach.  There is no one magic bullet to get you on page one of Google but rather a comprehensive basket of tactics and techniques to get you ranked and returned in the search results.  Much of this is included in our Comeback Campaign and the SEO Plan which can also be purchased separately HERE.   


We Can Amplify Your Message With Social Media

By blogging consistently, it gives you and your business a voice and a point of view that attracts people who are willing to pay for your services.  Consistent social media output is a great way to not only increase your online visibility but also enhances your reputation while building your online network.  By attracting prospects, partners and clients to your social media, you expand your network when you want to put out an announcement about a new workshop, book or podcast.  Social media is great way to amplify your message online.  While included in the Comeback Campaign, you can also buy the Social Media Marketing service separately HERE.


We Can Build Your Email List

You’ve heard the expression, “The money’s in the list?”  What it means is that your email marketing list is the lifeblood of your business.  It puts you in control of your communications.  It allows you to promote your next workshop, let people know about your upcoming webinar, educate them about your services and their benefits.  One of the major ways we do this is by creating Lead Magnets or Special Reports that work hand in hand with your newsletters and other email communications.  You can see many Lead Magnet samples HERE.  


“I’m an executive and career coach and I’ve worked with Samson Media for over five years…Samson Media are masters of search engine optimization…”


To help you grow your own coaching practice, I reached out to several well-established coaches that I’m connected to, to ask them for their best practices regarding attracting new clients who need their services and, most importantly, willing to pay for them!


IN SUMMARY:   Starting a business is hard.  Growing one is even harder.  Building a website that represents you well in the world and attracts leads and prospects while educating and informing your clients and potential clients takes a multi-faceted approach. There is no one, silver bullet.  No one-size-fits-all solution.  It takes an ongoing commitment to content creation combined with energy, face-to-face networking, workshops and various touch points to reach the people who are in need of your services.  And they are out there.  Looking for you!  Our highly specialized marketing services for coaches will help you reach them.

website designer New JerseyNEXT STEPS:  Reach out and contact us.  We love to chat!  Check us out by clicking HERE.

What Some Of Our Coaching Clients Are Saying

website designer New JerseyNEXT STEPS:  Reach out and contact us.  We love to chat!  Check us out by clicking HERE.


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