How to Use Testimonials to Build a Facebook Ad Funnel

How to Use Testimonials to Build a Facebook Ad Funnel

If you are using Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to your website offerings, congratulations.

Using the power of Facebook ads to generate targeted traffic built on customer demographics mixed with geographical targeting can be very effective.  But sending targeted traffic may still not be converting to sales.  One of the reasons is that as targeted as the traffic may be, it’s still a cold lead.  The person interested enough in your ad to click and visit your website or landing page still does not know you or your services.  Getting them to click your ad and visit your site is just the start.

So what if there was a better way to bring in warmer leads that will convert better?

This great blog post excerpted from the Social Media Examiner offers step by step instructions on how to tap your testimonials to create an ad funnel that will increase the likelihood of converting Facebook ad traffic into sales:

Why Use Case Studies and Testimonials in Facebook Ads?

In Facebook marketing, people often make the same mistake: using discounts and offers to convert a lead with the first customer interaction. Instead, your Facebook ads need to build awareness of and trust in your product or service first. Only later do you try to convert a warm lead into a customer.

The acronym AIDA can help you remember this process. It stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

A funnel built from case studies and testimonials is ideal for this process. Case studies offer personal stories and detailed information that convince people your product works. Testimonials provide social proof that people similar to your prospects are happy buying your product or working with you. Over time, this content teaches people that you provide trustworthy and repeatable results.

After you build audiences that demonstrate interest in your case studies and testimonials, you can then offer a trial, demo, or discount that will confirm your product or service works for your prospects and thus overcome their remaining doubts.

Read the entire Social Media Examiner tutorial HERE.

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