Being in this business, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows what the term SEO means.  Heck.  I’m sure there are tons of folks out there who have no idea what Search Engine Optimization means, which is what the acronym SEO stands for.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making a website more visible to the search engines which results in more website traffic which gives you the opportunity to make more sales.  In short, it’s a good thing to have your site “optimized”.  Sites that are optimized effectively contain keywords about the main product or service offered by a particular site.

Words that can be used to optimize a site can include: Brand names;  the words used to describe the actual products or services such as “dog grooming” for a …dog groomer!  You get the idea.  The keywords can also include geographical terms to further communicate what the page is about and where the service is located such as “Dog groomer, Montclair, NJ.”

But many websites are designed without SEO in mind.  Often, websites are designed by graphic artists and designers who are more focused on the aesthetic values of the site instead of the content flow, keyword density and calls to action.

My philosophy regarding SEO is that it shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.  There’s almost no reason why a site can’t be cool and sexy or elegant and high-tech as well as fully optimized.  The design and the SEO techniques should share a symbiotic relationship.

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