Small Businesses That Are Thriving During the Pandemic

Small Businesses That Are Thriving During the Pandemic

While in the midst of the pandemic but also beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll spotlight small business success stories that will hopefully inspire and motivate you during these crazy times.

To paraphrase Sun Tzu, author of the Art of War, “In the midst of chaos there is always opportunity.”

Not exactly a war, but definitely a battle and a struggle, both emotionally and financially, being an entrepreneur takes courage and intestinal fortitude —- during the best of times, let alone during a worldwide pandemic.

So today we begin by excerpting this story from the New York Times that spotlights several business start ups that started in 2020 and are doing surprisingly well.

Here are there stories:

It’s a Terrible Time for Small Businesses. Except When It’s Not.

Some entrepreneurs are finding opportunities in unlikely places.

A counterintuitive silver lining to the pandemic is developing: While droves of small businesses across the United States have been crushed by Covid-19 and its restrictions, others have been pushed to lift off.

There has been a surge in new business start-ups this year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By the week ending Dec. 5, the bureau reported, business applications were up 43.3 percent over the same period in 2019. “But it remains unclear how much of the increase is attributable to entrepreneurs finding opportunity in the crisis to form businesses likely to hire employees as opposed to newly unemployed individuals starting their own businesses,” according to the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan public policy organization.