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It’s getting near that time of year again and our favorite charity, The Sato Project, has several dogs participating in this year’s Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.  Check it out!


With all the human suffering and need out there you might ask me, “Why dogs?”
Well, as a lifetime dog owner and dog lover, I feel that animals in general and dogs specifically, are often at the mercy of human beings. And not always in a good way.
Dogs are dependent on their humans to feed, care and shelter them and are incapable of surviving and thriving in a human-run world without humans to care for them.
No matter the age, dogs are the babies and children that never grow up.
YOU MAY ASK: Why support stray dogs in Puerto Rico when we have our own problem with stray and shelter dogs right here in the United States?
THE REASON: These dogs don’t know or care they are in Puerto Rico. This is not about Puerto Rico. It’s about the lives of the animals themselves. And the fact of the matter is that the SATO Project has a long history and a successful track record of saving and rehoming thousands of dogs into loving and forever homes. The volunteers of the SATO Project do the work of saints who make a REAL DIFFERENCE and you can, too, by joining us in supporting this worthy cause.
While one individual can make a contribution by volunteering time, money or both, I feel that leveraging the infrastructure and expertise of a well established organization such as the SATO Project can go a lot further. By teaming up with the SATO Project, we can make 1 + 1 = 3!