Yes, Hosting is Boring. And Why We Love That

Yes, Hosting is Boring. And Why We Love That

I’m sure as a business owner, talking about your website hosting is about exciting as discussing your indoor plumbing.

And in some ways, hosting is a lot like your plumbing.

When it works like it’s supposed to, you don’t give it a second thought.  But when something goes awry —  you very much notice it!

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Which is why I wanted to discuss the website hosting that Samson Media provides via our partnership with Flywheel.  

Flywheel is 100% WordPress only, which are the only types of websites that Samson Media builds for the last 6-7 years.  We found that Flywheel not only speaks the language of WordPress but they are also uniquely aware of the typical WordPress workflow both from an installation perspective and from an operational standpoint

If you are a Samson Media client, your site is hosted on Flywheel.  After years of struggling with horrible hosting platforms like Host Gator, Flywheel has been nothing short of AMAZING.

Here’s the main reasons why:

clone iconBackups:  Every site gets complete daily backups.  Should there ever be a problem with your site, we can restore it completely from a selection of daily back ups

smt3 security iconSecurity:  Having been held hostage by Host Gator’s relationship with Sitelock, where they charge you a minimum of $300 to fix your site should it become infected with Maleware or hacked, Flywheel, A) prevents your site from being hacked in the first place B)  Should anything like that ever happen, they go to war for you to fix it and track down the issue.  As ANY good, responsible host should!  They host your site.  They take OWNERSHIP of that fact.  A world of difference

child iconEase of Use:  From adding collaborators to changing IP addresses, you can easily and securely add access to your site for other developers, your IT company, etc.  No passwords, FTP or crazy logins.  As the owner, you just send out an invitation from your dashboard and when the person you invited clicks the link and accepts —- they’re in!

hand holding heart iconSupport:  It’s almost ironic that when you need a lot of tech support, with most hosting companies, it’s usually mediocre at best or sucks at worst.  Flywheel tech support is based in the USA, they all speak English and are available by chat OR phone 24/7.  No professional foreign apologists (I like to call them).   The. Best.  Ever!  So if you are a client with a single site or a developer with multiple sites (we manage over 50+ sites) you have to check out Flywheel. No, it’s not the cheapest.  But it’s the bestest!

You can view a 3-minute video walkthrough of the FLYWHEEL dashboard here:

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