Strengthen Your Coaching Website Now With These Simple Tips

Strengthen Your Coaching Website Now With These Simple Tips

Gene Sower, President of was recently invited to guest blog for Noomii, the Professional Coach Directory. Gene shared insights on how important a well designed website is for coaches in attracting new prospects to their business, and on using a blog for content marketing to connect with potential clients by demonstrating their expertise and training to help prospects make a buying decision. Here’s some of what Gene had to say:

There are two very important reasons you need to blog. The first reason is to help your prospects make a buying decision. If you create enough value with your content, explaining the benefits of how executive coaching can help advance their career, or writing a case study about how your life coaching program helped a client overcome some challenge in their life, this can have a positive impact on helping that person take action, which is to contact you for more information or to make an appointment or to schedule a free consultation.

The second benefit of blogging is to attract the search engines to your site when someone is looking for a topic that relates to what you offer. By choosing blog topics strategically based on your product and service offerings, you exponentially increase your chances of having that content come up in a relevant search that leads the person searching directly to your virtual front door – your blog and website!

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