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When CPA Eric J. Barr got a book deal from J Wiley & Son he needed a website to promote his book as well as generate credibility.  We used the responsive DIVI theme to create a cutting edge site.


When the book publishers at Woodpecker Press launched a new initiative to sign up 100 influential businesswomen in the state of New Jersey to co-author the same book, we designed a lead generating sales page as well as an entire new website to promote the new initiative. Save & Exit

When author Renee Gatz needed help to promote her self-published book, “Wise Words & Witty Expressions,” we created a WordPress blog site so she could update the site frequently herself and post news, photos and information about her book signings. The site includes links and images of her book and a PayPal page so she can sell copies directly to interested readers.


When this established author wanted to attract new leads for her latest book, we set up a blog on WordPress that allowed her to enagage with her social media properties like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as sell copies of her books by building and linking to her customized Amazon book store.

When novelist Rich Wallace needed a new website to display and sell all his young adult sports novels, we built and added a customized Amazon A-store to his WordPress website.  The website was built on the popular and easy to update Socrates WordPress template.