Not a day goes by without Google coming out with some new product or innovation.  And if your head wasn’t already about to explode with all the new software, announcements, programs, etc, now Google has announced a free online video editing service!

Check it out:   as explained in this video below, you can now edit videos online, add audio and export it directly to YouTube! 

At this early stage the process seems a bit crude (you can only do cuts, no dissolves or transitions — yet) but I guarantee it will only be a matter of time before the Googlers who engineered this useful tool will improve it.  This is a BRILLIANT move on Google’s part because editing is usually the hardest part of creating any video and by giving people access to a free tool that will simplify the editing task and make it accessable to it’s users, I expect this to create a further explosion of online video.  Check it out: