In Part 1 of our 3-part series on achieving sales success in a down economy, Danny Wood, President, Danny Wood Enterprises and a  licensee of Sandler Training, explains the “Success Triangle,” before examining how to recruit the right people and, lastly, how to keep the team motivated.

As the economy begins to show signs of a recovery, many companies are looking for ways to leverage the positive upturn and reinvigorate their sales. In fact, many businesses that survived the recession by finding ways to tighten operations and improve efficiencies are now in a great place to become more proactive about growing. Taking positive steps now to find and win new business involves evaluating and building your sales team. But how can a sales manager best evaluate the current performance of its team, find areas for improvement and development? There are many factors to consider.

The Success Triangle

A triangle is one of the strongest geometric shapes, well balanced and properly supported. It’s a good shape to begin the evaluation of the sales process to make sure your team has proper balance and support, as the sales process is never just one activity. It’s a combination of three basic areas of activity: Attitude, at the top, and Behavior and Technique at the bottom.

Attitude impacts everything a person does. It involves mind, body and spirit and convictions that people feel about themselves, their companies and the markets in which they operate. Once a person achieves the right attitude, it will be evident in all other aspects of their lives and in their sales.

Technique incorporates tactics and strategy – the approach to sales, how to qualify leads, gather information and close the sale. Behavior involves a person’s goals, actions and plans, and what he or she decides to do every day. Actions take discipline, vitality and guts; Goals need to be long-term, short term and daily. And Plans can be built, tracked and fine-tuned once you, the sales manager, help your team determine what works best for them.

Attitude, behavior and technique provide the foundation for a strong sales professional and a strong team. They support each other when used properly and develop a team with positive energy that contributes to success.

Danny Wood, president of Danny Wood Enterprises LLC, in Rutherford, is a licensee of Sandler Training and specializes in sales and management training to increase sales productivity. Send your questions or comments to or call Danny at (201) 842-0055.