Ah, The Good Ol' Days.

Ah, The Good Ol' Days.

Opened up the Saturday New York Times today with my morning coffee to get the not-so-latest news.

Granted. Saturday is usually a thin day for the Gray Lady.

But I was amazed when I realized, and then counted, that between the entire business section AND the entire sports section there was not a single ad of any kind. Nothing. Nada. Zip.


This seems proof of three things:

  • The recession continues to take it’s toll on ad-supported industries, most notably newspapers and other print publications
  • Businesses that are still advertising and promoting their businesses are going elsewhere.
  • Online ad models are better positioned than ever to reach consumers at the point of need using search engine marketing and email marketing
  • Underlining point number 3 is the fact that more than ever, small and medium-sized businesses that want to not only survive but thrive, need to check their outdated assumptions of sales and marketing at the door about how best to reach people who are interested in their products and services.

    Because while I LOVE reading the New York Times, I would never advertise in it nor recommend advertising in it, or any other newspaper, to any of our clients. It’s just too passive and prone to happenstance. You have to hope that the day your ad runs, the potential prospects who may possibly need what you have to offer just happen to see your ad. If not, Oh well! Another bird cage lined. Another fish wrapped. Another puppy potty training on your expensive ad.

    To that end, I say this to any and all businesses, large and small and everything in between: Wake up and smell the coffee people! Adapt or perish.