Searching the internetIn a recent issue of Ad Age Magazine there was an article that questioned whether or not home pages have a place in the future of the Web (I’d link directly to the article but I’d have to pay for a $99 subscription before they’ll let me in). 

The real issue is branding and whether or not people are looking for you and your business or what your business sells. 

 According to a study conducted by the folks at the digital agency Avenue A/Razorfish, 54% of the people in the study began shopping for a particular item by performing an online search.  And to use their example, they weren’t searching for the brand Williams Sonoma, they were searching for “Rice Cooker” or “Bread maker” and seeing what came up.

Companies that put too much emphasis on their brand names instead of the keywords associated with the products they sell are short changing their online marketing efforts.

It’s also a matter of making sure EVERY PAGE of your entire website is keyword optimized.

To sum up the article, home pages are becoming less important as search drives visitors deeper into a site, meaning marketers need to treat product pages like home pages, adding navigation and sharing functions on EVERY page.  Because with a well keyword-optimized site — every page is your home page.