Some preliminary results are in and I thought I would share them with you in an effort to start a discussion about what Internet tactics work and don’t work for you OR if you’re even using any Internet marketing at all!

Taking a survey like this is important for our business so we can more closely tailor our offerings to your needs.  Since “Internet marketing” as a concept is so broad, it’s important for us not to get caught up in the bright new shiny object of the moment and to focus our offerings based on demand, most importantly, performance and ROI.  I mean, it does no good for anyone for us to offer a service that we think is so great if you don’t.  Having said that, it is very much our responsibility to try new things and keep our eyes out for new things that ARE having a positive impact on the Internet marketing landscape.


Please click this link to our Survey Monkey survey page.  Many of you have also received the survey via email.

Preliminary Results

Out of all the Internet Marketing options listed in the survey, not one respondent uses Facebook check-in deals or Foursquare Check-in Deals or Google Places page offers or coupons.  This tells me that A.  Either people are unaware of these services or they don’t apply to their particular type of business.  Granted,  both kinds of Internet marketing tools primarily benefit brick and mortar retailers, but we know some of you are retailers and both programs are free to join and set up.  B.  You’ve heard about them but have no idea how to set them up.

Care to shed any more light on this?  Please comment below and continue to watch this space as we roll out additional results.