The term “permission marketing” was coined by Internet marketing sage, Seth Godin, who has written many books and created an entire industry and career based on this subject (he’s also the founder of Squidoo.)

permission marketingI actually had the pleasure of interviewing Seth for a video news release I was producing back in the roaring 90’s when he was the founder of Yoyodyne, a company waaay ahead of it’s time.  The idea was to offer companies an alternative to the typical techniques of “interruption” marketing and get them to start building relationships with prospects who volunteered to “opt-in” to the marketing funnel.

I remembered being intriqued with Seth’s answers about how the Internet would change everything in terms of advertising and marketing and needless to say, he was very right.  In spades!

After reading several of Seth’s books such as Purple Cow and Unleashing the Idea Virus several years ago it quickly became apparent to me that those who “got” the quantum shift caused by the rise of the Internet would prosper while those who didn’t would fall by the wayside.

It’s a philosophy that has guided me and my business ever since.