Why Local Is Better

Website designers new jerseyWhen it comes to selecting a website design company it technically doesn’t matter where that web design company is located. 

With most, if not all, aspects of the web design process based on digital assets like text, photos and even video or audio, a company can easily send materials back and forth via email or FTP etc. with the click of a button.

Now while my own website design company has a few clients out of state, 90% are located right here in our home state of New Jersey.

The reason?

For one thing, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the USA so there will not ever be a shortage of clients.  And based in Northern New Jersey, it’s the most densely populated area of the most densely populated state.

But the other reason we’ve staked our claim on website design and Internet marketing on the Garden State is because the competition out in the rest of the country, (not to mention our giant neighbor to the east, New York City) is so fierce, we’d rather attempt to dominate our own backyard and radiate out from there as opposed to trying to reach everybody everywhere.

Targeting Northern New Jersey for our Internet marketing services and website design services gives us a focus I don’t think we’d have otherwise. 

There are also lots of great ways to network locally, which you can’t really do on a national or regional scale.  By joining various chambers of commerce and networking groups, it allows our company to put a face on our business and get to meet our prospects and customers face to face.

With referral marketing an essential part of our marketing plan, I truly believe that being local is better!