HOW MUCH does that website cost?

Website prices vary greatly and if you’re reading this post it’s probably because you’re either considering having a website built for your business, been tasked to do research by your boss or you’re a freelance website developer wondering what other people charge so you can price your own work competitively.  Welcome one and all!  Here, we will give you some straight answers about what we specifically charge for website development and why.


OK, so we got that right out of the way.  Yes, we charge no less then $2,750 for a website, so if you’re looking for a free website or a $500 website we’re not the right fit for you.

So how do we justify that pricing and what goes into it?  Glad you asked.  Below we’re going to explain two main groups of factors on website pricing:  What goes into our pricing and how your needs impact the pricing.


how much does a website cost?We’ve heard many stories from clients about how their original website developer got a “real” job, a different job, disappeared, graduated from college, retired or something else.  When engaging with a professional website development firm like Samson Media, understand that we use a team approach that involves 1, 2 or 3 specialists depending on your needs.  We also have to pay those people for their talents and abilities and earn a profit so we can be here tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, should the need arise for YOU in the event you need more help, updates, information, etc.  For nearly nine years that’s worked pretty well for us and our clients.

Combine those factors with the hours of consulting going into the process, during the process and after the process and it starts to make more sense.  Also, unlike the really low priced website options available, we ACTUALLY PICK UP THE PHONE WHEN YOU CALL AND TALK TO YOU!  OMG!  Yes, we even have our phone number on our website.  Here it is again:  973.744.6621.   Call us anytime 10am – 6 pm , Monday through Friday and the chances are better then 50-50 that we’ll pick up the phone on your first try, and 100% that we’ll actually call you back within 24 hours but usually the same day!  Why wouldn’t we?  At least that’s the way we see it.  The point is, companies like Samson Media, and, granted, some of our worthy competitors, want to hear from you.  And if you’ve ever called and spoke to us on the phone you know we’re happy to help you sort things out, give free advice and lots more, so we believe that has a LOT of value that’s worth paying for if you decide to do business with us.

All Our Websites Include

  • Initial consultation on your business objectives and goals for your website
  • Complete customization of premium WordPress themes
  • Domain name and hosting assistance/installation
  • Transfer of existing content
  • Content formatting
  • Social Media integration
  • Map links, video integration, data input or contact forms (optional)
  • Training on how to maximize and manage your website


But enough about us.  The most important pricing considerations are based on what additional or specialized features you need.

Just like buying a house or a car or even having your kitchen remodeled, it’s about the features you want, need, and can afford.

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Our $2,750 price is loosely based on building a 5-page website because we can all agree that time-wise, building a 5 page site takes less time then a 50 page website, right?  Why 5 pages?  Well, for the majority of our small and medium-sized business clients, 5 pages pretty much covers their immediate needs.  BUT, (and this is a HUGE but) since we almost exclusively build Content Management Systems (CMS) based on WordPress, part of every package includes training on how you or your organization can EASILY add UNLIMITED pages so your website can grow with your business.

Here’s Some Features That Add To Your Website Development Costs

  1. Ecommerce:  the ability to accept money and sell products off your site (click here to read more about Ecommerce websites)
  2. Special functionality like event calendars, live chat, PayPal integration
  3. 100% custom designs:  we customize premium template themes to save you money which we suggest you spend on marketing your business.  Read more about template designs vs. custom website designs HERE
  4. Purchasing additional stock photography (our packages include a limited number of stock images)
  5. Original content writing
  6. Full search engine optimization (SEO) services
  7. Social media automation
  8. Monthly site traffic analysis and reporting

So there you have it.  I hope this explains clearly and concisely what we charge, why we charge it and what value beyond just a dollar amount that we bring to the table.

Any other thoughts on pricing please feel free to share them here.  Thanks!

And remember, a website is NOT a business!  Even if we built it for free you still need a marketing budget which you can learn more about here:

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