Web design NJ

Hello. I’m Gene Sower, the president of SamsonMedia dot net.  If you’re a business in New Jersey and need a website you should know about Samson Media.


Because we’ve been building websites for our customers in and around New Jersey for over seven years.

Do you need a website developer in New Jersey? Not necessarily.

We’ve worked successfully with clients throughout the United States and Canada.

But working with a website designer based right here in New Jersey lets you know that we’re a local business like you, too. If we ever needed to, we could meet for coffee to discuss your project or sit beside you while we train you how to use your website.

You can rest assured knowing that if you want to, you can look us in the eye and shake our hand and that we’re a reputable, long time member of the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce.

We’re invested in our state of New Jersey like you are and by being in the same state you’ll know that we’re real people who are invested in your business, too. No overseas developers here. We speak Jersey, like you.<

What exit? We’re exit 161 off the Garden State Parkway. We go “down the shore” in the summer and we have no idea how to pump our own gas.

Need a new website for YOUR business? Or just want more search engine traffic to help you sell more widgets? Then you need a website designer in New Jersey! Call us, at 973-744-6621 Our strength is Internet marketing. In New Jersey!