Guest Blog Post From Sarit Lotem

computer-frustrationNow a days, your website is your new client’s first impression of your business. Your prospective clients will check your website before he/she will even meet or talk with you. If your website is not appealing to them chances are that they will not take the next step and contact you.

As visitors come to your website to get answers, you want to make sure to answer all their concerns and questions and leave them with a good impression.

If your website was designed wrong, you can easily loose tens or even hundreds of new clients and potential revenues.

Here are some mistakes I often notice in small business websites:

Mistake  #1: No visible contact info

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make you phone number visible on ANY page of your website. Do not make visitors look for your contact info. Make it as easy as possible.  You can even put a quick contact form on your home page (preferably on every page as well) with just 2-4 fields such as Name, Phone/Email  and short massage.

By making your info visible, you make it easier for  your visitors to contact you faster. Most people will not click more that twice in order to look for your contact info and will just give up. Wouldn’t you?

Mistake  #2: Content is not relevant

Nothing is more repelling than out of date content. Your visitors will run away from your website in a second. Try to update your content at least once every couple of months, A good way for keeping your site relevant is to add a blog or social media updates. it will also help your website ranking on search engines result page such as Google and Bing as they are constantly looking for updates and appropriate content. Let your visitor know that you are relevant and up-to-date.

Mistake  #3: Too much information

As I wrote in my previous post, keep it simple, don’t overwhelm and confuse your visitor with too much information and graphics, It will only confuse them. A good website will help it’s visitor to focus on the relevant information and will lead them throughout the website.

Keep in mind that people do not tend to read more than 4-6 sentences, what ever it is that you want to sell, make sure to clearly indicate it in your first couple paragraphs.

If you have a lot of information, clearly named sub headers and different tabs with clear title can do the job, but do not get carried away as to many tabs can also overwhelm your reader.

Mistake  #4: Not professional looking

As mentioned before, your website is probably your first “meeting” with your potential costumer, and first impression makes all the difference. When you look at your website be honest with yourself.

If you do not have the experience or an eye for website design, hire a professional to create your website for you. While many hesitate to spend money of web design it is probably the expense with the greatest return your business will have.

A successful business cannot allow losing customers due to poorly designed website.

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Guest Blog Post From Sarit Lotem, Lotem Design