search engine optimization company new jerseySearch Engine Optimization has taken an interesting new turn that leads directly to YouTube.

We’ve been having some pretty drastic results using the five video SEO tips I’m about to describe.  In many cases, the results appear within hours, not days or weeks!  And by results, I mean page 1 rankings on Google.  So ask yourself:  what would it mean to your business if you could come up on page one of Google when people were actively searching for the products and services you offer?  Read on…

Here’s proof:  Type the following search term into Google and see what the top two results are:  “HOW DO I INCREASE MY SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC?”  Type it without the quotes and case doesn’t matter.  You’ll see our video and our landing page come up high at the top of the search engine result page out of over 3.8 million results.  And that happened in about 2 hours!

We’re going to assume you’ve already done some keyword research and have already established your keywords.  If not, that’s really a topic for a whole other blog post so we’re going to start from there.  Here’s how we did it and how you can do it, too:

1. Add the keywords to the video title

Extremely important since the title tag is still one of the remaining META tags that has importance in SEO — both for video and regular web pages.


 2. Add the full URL to the description starting with https://

Below the video, YouTube gives you the opportunity to add a description.  Use this!  But the most important thing is to add a complete link to your landing page (more about landing pages in a second).  This link is a free gift!  You are giving yourself an in-bound link from an authority website like YouTube.  Getting in-bound links to your website are comparable to votes of confidence in the eyes of the search engines.  The more quality, relevant sites that link to your sites, the more important and relevant your site must be, goes the reasoning.  Giving yourself a link from YouTube is very valuable.  And again, don’t just link the video to your home page, link it to a deep link on your site or the video landing page on your site (explained below).  And SEO aside, having the link right below the video actually allows people to click through to your website and offer.  You’d be amazed at how many companies go through the trouble and expense to create a video and even if you wanted to respond to the call to action you can’t because there’s no link to actually click!:

 3.   Upload a keyworded transcript

This may be one of the most important steps of all.  Recently, YouTube added the capability to upload a verbatim transcript.  We created this 6-minute tutorial video to show you exactly how to upload a keyworded transcript and, more importantly, why this new capability is a game changer for SEO:

4. Create a Video Landing Page

Now that you have your keyworded YouTube video, embed that video on a separate page of your website.  This is the page you should link to from the YouTube video page.  Then the landing page will link back to your website.  You may think this is all a redundant bother but the fact that you’re creating a relevant cross-linking situation is reinforcing all your keywords.  It’s making the search engines associate your “money phrases” with your web pages!  What you’re also doing is increasing the odds that when someone searches for your keyword phrases, one or more of these pages or videos will return themselves in a search leading the prospect directly to your offer.  Think of it as leaving digital breadcrumbs with all roads leading back to you!  Here’s our fully optimized video landing page HERE.

5.  Reinforce with Social Media

The icing on the cake is to upload everything everywhere.  Embed the video by itself on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.  Then link to the landing page from all the same social media properties a couple of days later to space things out.  Here’s a brief tutorial we made on how to upload your video to all your social media outlets in less than two minutes:

IN CONCLUSION:  We are finding dramatic, real results with this technique.  The ability for the search engines to actually “read” and understand the videos due to transcripts is really a game changer.  YouTube did it more from a usability and user’s perspective but from an SEO standpoint it’s simply brilliant.  Your goal is to start thinking about strategic scripts and videos you can make to get on page one of Google by being the answer to the search question and leave your competitors behind.  Contact us if you want to know more:  973.744.6621.