Ok, we’re about a month into our SEO video campaign and we’re lining up our distribution network.

Remember, the concept is to be able to spread your message far and wide with the goal of boosting your keyword phrases as well as lead traffic back to your website.

Here are a few of the distribution tools we’re currently using and recommend.  And in the spirit of full disclosure, we’re using affiliate links whenever available:

YOUTUBE:  The cornerstone of our video distribution process.  Very excited about the ability to upload verbatim transcripts for each video so they get indexed.  YouTube should be the first step on your video SEO journey.

IBOTOOLBOX:  We can upload all our transcripts and YouTube video links to this site for free to get several inbound links.  The site automatically posts my video and video transcripts to three other blogs as both videos and blog posts.

TRAFFIC GEYSER:  This tool is many things but what we primarily use it for is to distribute each video to over a dozen other video outlets with a few clicks. Some of the included video hosting sites include BoFunk, DailyMotion, iViewTube, MetaCafe and many others.

PINTEREST:  Did you know you can upload YouTube videos directly into Pinterest?  Yes, you can!  This fastest growing social media site can play an important role in getting your videos seen while giving yourself some backlinks!

FACEBOOK: We either upload the MP4 video files directly into our business Facebook page or use a share link from YouTube.  As we discuss in the videos themselves, using your own social media outlets is a no-brainer.

LINKEDIN:  Every day LinkedIn seems to make improvements that accommodate videos.  Now it’s easier than ever to post  video to your own profile that will be seen by all your connections and then share it to ALL your groups.

GOOGLE+:  Similar to Facebook & LinkedIn in terms of ease of use for adding videos.  Can’t prove this for sure but I’m finding evidence that Google gives preference to YouTube.  This is a no-brainer.

There are some other content sites like EZARTICLES.com you can post the video transcripts to, not the videos themselves, to give yourself some added links and SEO link juice.

You can check out our video marketing campaign here for yourself.  

Next post we’ll discuss how we tie everything together using opt-in email marketing techniques –  YES, email marketing still LIVES!

Until next time!