QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes) are one of the latest ways, I think, to breathe new life into more traditional advertising methods.

QR codes are kind of like bar codes in that they contain all kinds of data that can be communicated via a QR scanner.  You most likely encountered your first QR in a magazine ad and wondered what it was or why it was there.  In order to view the content represented by the QR code you have to shoot it with your smart phone’s camera using one of many QR aps available for iPhones, Droids and Blackberries.

The ap I use on my Androuid phone is called ScanLife, but there are several others.

Why would anyone bother to do this, you may ask?  Well, as marketers, the payoff can be enormous.  It’s a way to introduce video and other rich media into traditionally static media such as print and retail displays.


Imagine putting QR codes in your Yellow Page or newspaper ad that connects to a video with a welcome message from the owner that makes them a special offer or provides a discount.  Or placing QR codes on post card mailings that offers viewers a video demonstration on how a new product works.

The QR code above connects to our YouTube video on “Why Your Business Needs a Blog,” but it could just as easily be a page of our website or a landing page offer that gets them to opt-in to a sales offer.

Some other ideas may include:

  • Placing on menus to show how a particular dish was prepared
  • Used in travel brochures to show an actual walk-through of a hotel or resort
  • Placing in a medical brochure answering FAQs on a particular procedure or aftercare
  • Placed on outdoor FOR SALE signs offering room-by-room tours of houses for sale
  • Added to paper instructions offering assembly or installation instructions for gadgets and toys
  • Placed on bus or train billboard ads to preview movies or TV shows

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  Here’s a Williams Sonoma in my town that put one in their store window that linked to a video on barbequeing techniques:

Heck, you could even put QR codes on T-Shirts, keychains and other premium giveaways.  What ideas do you have for injecting some excitement in an  old marketing campaign?  The possibilities are endless!

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