linkedin-guyI’ve had a LinkedIn account for many years.  Probably since it first came out around the turn of the century. 

But it wasn’t until I discovered LinkedIn Groups that it began to take on a new meaning for me, my business and the business of Web 2.0 marketing

Groups are a great way to not only meet prospects and suppliers but LinkedIn Groups are a great way to “start a conversation” and get your message out there.

What I’ve been doing, not only for my own business but for some of my clients as well, is joining targeted groups and using the easy functionality that’s baked into LinkedIn to spread my blog articles and content far and wide.

You can do this by posting your blog’s RSS feed directly into the news areas that are found in every group.  Once you do this, it pulls the headline directly from your blog along with the first one or two sentences and posts it within the group for all to see.

And an added bonus is that once a week, the software that manages the group sends a compilation email out to everyone in the group.  So basically, LinkedIn is doing opt-in email marketing for you!

Combine this content distribution strategy along with answering some questions that you can find in the questions and answer area of the site and you’ll be well on your way to engaging potential clients and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.