LinkedIn Resume

If you’re using LinkedIn to help you build your personal brand online, congratulations.  It’s a pretty cool tool.

And for a lot of people, using LinkedIn has become a primary job hunting and networking tool to help you reach out to contacts both old and new.


As a job hunting tool it has a convenient feature that you may or may not be aware of so I wanted to point out how your digital, online LinkedIn “resume” can also serve as a great emailable or even (dare I say) paper resume.

As indicated in the photo above, your LinkedIn profile has a little PDF button that exports your entire LinkedIn profile, including recomendations, into a nice, snazzy, already-formatted resume.

This means that by keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and current, with the click of a mouse you can print and mail or email your resume to anyone you want.


The only downside is that if you’re sending out different variations of your resume tailored toward different industries or emphasizing different skill sets from one resume to another, the LinkedIn version is limited to a one size fits all resume, since it only reflects the online version represented by your profile.