As Twitter continues to assert itself at the front of the Web 2.0 discussion, we just added a cool new plugin for our WordPress blog called Twittermeme so that every post can be easily sent to my Twitter account with the click of a button:

One-button retweet tool

To me it’s a little like the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup:   Is my blogging mixed in with my tweeting or is my tweeting mixed in with my blogging?

In the end, who cares?  The point is that the continued convergence of Web 2.0 tools and the content they share enable web publishers to find ever more effective and easy ways for disseminating messages across multiple platforms with the click of a button.

In practical terms for Samson Media, when I write a single article on my blog, it automatically generates an RSS feed that gets send out to my RSS subscribers, automatically sends itself to the blog plugin in my LinkedIn account and now can be posted on Twitter with the click of a single button without ever leaving the original page. 

Is this “broadcasting” for the new millenium?  Or narrowcasting?  Whichever, it sures allows me to easily leverage my content across multiple platforms and reach hundreds of people quickly, easily and for free.  Check it out!