Shop & Fly!This may not be news to many of you but for me it was a pleasant surprise  Did you know that Shop Rite is a member of the Continental Airlines frequent flyer program?  That’s right!  For every two dollars you spend at Shop Rite you get one frequent flyer mile! 

I guess it’s the same thing as affinity credit cards and telephone calling plans that reward you with miles for using their services but  I never realized that buying bananas or toilet paper, for that matter, can help me save up miles faster than ever.

The only condition is that you need a ShopRite Rewards card and, of course, you have to be enrolled in the Continental Airlines frequent flyer program.

I’m sure there are similar programs already out there but since I usually fly Continental out of Newark Airport and buy my groceries at the Shop Rite on Broad Street in Bloomfield, I’ll get rewarded for doing what I already do!  Here’s a bonus tip:  when you shop at Shop Rite, pay with your American Express card or other card tied to a frequent flyer program and you’ll be double dipping!  Gain miles twice as fast!