As we approach the one year anniversary of writing this blog, one thing has not changed from our earliest posts which discussed the need for using a clear call to action within ALL your Internet marketing efforts. 

Internet Marketing followupBe they websites or email marketing campaigns, you need to ask for what you want.

A recent article in the Email Insider, discusses trade show follow-ups. 

You know.  That stack of business cards that you accumulate from either exibiting or attending a trade show?  Do you send out “thanks for stopping by our booth” missives?  Or “Nice meeting you at the show” notes? 

While this may be only slighly better than doing nothing, the article goes on to advise:

“This directionless message is a waste of your prospects’ time and a poor reflection of your company’s interactive marketing capabilities. Even if the goal is to avoid a hard sell, you should provide information of interest to customers and make it easy for them to find more. Remember that prospects are reading your email with one question in mind: What’s In It For Me? If the message is: “it was nice to possibly have met you at a conference,” the answer to WIIFM? is: “absolutely nothing.”

That’s why every communication should offer a call to action for something useful, practical, informative or of some value to the person you’re reaching out to.

A free report, a tip sheet, a coupon, discount, Internet only special, two-for-one offer — something!

Engage your prospects with something that’s meaningful and possibly even useful and you’ll increase the chances of turning that prospect into either a client or a referral source.