I love SEO.


Appealing to my deepest geek instincts, nothing gets me more jazzed than keyword optimizing a client’s website using the various techniques in my tool kit and seeing the results appear before my eyes.

James Cagney was “On Top Of The World” in the classic ganster flick, White Heat.Case in point:  Envision Video Services of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ hired me to keyword optimize their site for the phrase “video production services, NJ”.  After pulling out all the stops and “optimizing the hell out of it,” as I’m fond of saying, the efforts have paid off in spades.  It took a few months, appearing at number 10 in the organic listings of Google within about a month, but as of today, I’m happy to report, Envision Video Services is now the NUMBER 1 search engine result on GoogleGo ahead, click here and see for yourself.

Top of the world, ma.  Top of the world.