If you’re a busy business owner running a small to mid-size company, managing your website often falls to you, interns or, worst of all, nobody. 

But I’m not going to tell you what you already know:  that having an updated and current website is good for business.  Or, taking the glass half empty approach — having an old, outdated website is bad for business.  So should you blog for your business?  In a word:  “Yes”.  But maybe not the way you think.


Among other things, blogs are essentially content management systems (CMS).  That’s why blogs, as content management websites, are becoming increasingly popular for these and many other reasons.  They allow business owners to focus on their messages and content and not wrangle with the technology.  They allow for the easy uploading of images and video not to mention text changes and additions.

Not convinced yet?  Check out this brief 90-second video below which explains clearly the benefits of using blogs, specifically hosted WordPress blogs, as easy and convenient content management systems to help you manage your online presence. And after you’re done watching the video, click HERE to learn how you can win a blog package worth over $5,000!