Internet Marketing VideosSince Google announced the purchase of YouTube in late 2006, there has been an acceleration in the relevancy of online video in the marketing equation.

What does that mean?

It means that more and more video clips are showing up in the search engine results of Goggle as well as the other search engines like Yahoo and MSN (the only three search engines that matter, in my opinion).

The thing that makes video an extremely cost effectice marketing tool is the wealth of free hosting sites.  Not a day goes by where I don’t read about another video portal falling over itself to offer me free hosting.

That means that if you have a sales or marketing video, or even a commercial, you can post the video for free on a variety of free hosting sites, or even just You Tube, if you want to keep things simple, and…get this…you can KEYWORD the video so it gets returned in the search engine results.

So imagine having a commercial or sales video that gets watched after someone searches for it?!  Understand the difference?  Instead of throwing your marketing message at people who have no interest in what you’re selling or buying a TV commercial that gets increasingly fast forwarded by DVRs, you have a video that’s returning iteslf in search engine results by people who are actually looking for what you have to offer. 

Quite a different dynamic, eh?


But not any piece of keyworded shlock is going to get watched.  Relevancy is still important.  Maybe even more so than traditional media.  To that end, I suggest the following approach to getting your messages in front of eager eyeballs who will not only search you out, but actually watch and consume your message:

Make a “How-To” video with a compelling call to action at the end (click, email, download, stop in, call).

If you’re a pet sitter, make a video on “How To Choose a Pet Sitter”. 

Investment consultant?  “3 Tips on How NOT To Outlive Your Money”.

Funeral Home director? “How to Plan a Living Funeral”.

You get the idea.

People search the Internet for information.

Be the answer to someone’s question and they’ll not only find you when doing a search, but chances are they’ll buy from you as well.

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