You know your business networking efforts are pumping on all 8 cylinders when a client referral turns into a project and then that client also sends you a referral that turns into business.

I had this happen recently which resulted in some fist pumping along with the continued reaffirmation that networking works!

The Butterfly EffectAs a member (and soon to be chapter President) of my local BNI chapter, I subscribe to a useful newsletter published by Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI.

In his most recent newsletter he talked about the “Butterfly Effect” of networking in which seemingly small actions can have the ripple effect of larger and more successful payoffs down the road.  You meet someone who knows someone else who knows someone else and before you know it…things are happening.  In the best of cases, business is transacted!

Misner put it succinctly when he said, “The ripples that take place in the networking process may not be clear when the pebble drops into the water and the ripple begins. (But) What is certain, is that there is a ripple.”

So go ahead.  Flap those wings!