Hey, Gene, thanks for the email.  (The Search Engine Optimization)  looks great.  You did exactly what you said you would, and we are pleased with your work.  We have gotten a few more wedding requests recently and I’m sure the wedding SEO and the revamped wedding section on our site is the reason for the spike in wedding interest.

Beatles Faux Sale (Beatles tribute and wedding band)


I am officially eating my words.   SEO was 100% worth the investment. I am overwhelmed with the response from my website. Thank you for helping me with my business.  I actually have too much business right now and will very soon need to hire a new employee. Thanks to you and KL Creative (the company we worked with to build the site)!

Tanya E. Delahoz
Dwell Summit


When I called Gene at Samson Media at the suggestion of a colleague, I was skeptical. We had “lived” with our old website believing that having the sleak fresh look of other websites and manipulating the content ourselves was just a pipe dream. Gene lifted the fog and told us that our ideas could easily become a reality. Several weeks later, we had what we had been dreaming about and more. Thanks to Gene and Samson Media, our new company motto is, “It’s a whole new world out there.”

Annette Baron, PA, MBA
Eagle Research, Inc.


“Utilizing Samson Media’s unique approach was an eye opening experience. After Gene explained why we needed to modify our website, it started to make sense. After a few short weeks of exchanging ideas, this new approach was ready to be tested. Well, I am now a believer, within one month of our initial conversation; we saw significant results, kudos to Samson Media.”

Larry W Abraham, CFO
Royal Coachman Worldwide


“Just wanted to let you know that your website design for my company has given me the opportunity to present my products and services in such a professional manner that I just closed a deal for $24,000 dollars with a large marketing company. Without your design and optimization of my website, I would of never had the opportunity of the company ever knowing I even existed. Thanks again for your great work.”

Ralph Trujillo -CEO
Speedpro Imaging-Westwood NJ


“I’m completely in love with my new site! Thank you so very much for all your professional help. Gene Sower of Samson Media was simply a gift from heaven. Gene is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. His expertise made my decisions quite easy.”

Francesca Petromilli, Owner
Francesca’s Nail Emporium


“Samson Media was able to keyword optimize our home page for the terms we wanted and get us listed on the first page of Google in about a month. We were pleasantly surprised how our website was able to come from relative obscurity, as far as the search engines were concerned, and obtain a top three and a top nine ranking for a very reasonable one-time fee.”

Barry Berman
NexPet Retailer Co-op