Today I’ll be presenting the first of two seminars titled “How To Make More Money Online” in front of attendees at the Super Zoo trade show in Las Vegas.

Online promotions can increase in-store foot trafficWhat the attendees at this show have in common with many of our clients is that while they deal in birds and fish, they are, first and foremost, retailers.

And what all retailers have a need for, especially during these tough economic times, is the ability to grow their sales.

The lessons I’ll be focusing on in my presentation will offer techniques that can enable all retailers to catch the Internet Tiger by the tail and harness it’s power to attract new customers.

Online coupons are one of the techniques that we’ll discuss as studies are showing an increase in coupon redemptions with a growing segment of coupons being downloaded and printed off of websites.

An article in BRANDWEEK cited that 26% preferred to receive their coupons via email. 

This is just one of many ways that online marketing techniques can be used to drive foot traffic into your store.