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As we’ve been explaining the importance of social media marketing, a.k.a., content marketing, in previous blog posts and why it’s so important to your search engine optimization efforts, the first question that many businesses ask is “how to begin?”

Why, at the beginning, of course 🙂

But seriously, the beginning of any content marketing campaign has to start with a flexible website that allows you to easily add content on an ongoing basis.

Sounds obvious, right?

But many businesses who may be new to content marketing or social media marketing are often frustrated when they realize that they can’t participate in this type of marketing because they have an older website, or even a newer website, that just wasn’t built for fast and easy updates.  If the only way you can upload content on a frequent basis (and by frequent I mean at LEAST weekly) is to open up Dreamweaver and then upload the changes via FTP, the odds of keeping up with that on a consistent basis are slim to none.  Don’t even know what FTP means?  Well, that’s a problem.  Plus, you’ve got a business to run, you’re not a web developer.


So while I realize this is a non-starter for many businesses I’m just telling you the cold hard truth:  If you want to participate in all that’s going on with content marketing/social media marketing you’re going to need a website that has a content management system (CMS) of some kind.  A CMS allows easy updates and content creation via a dashboard area of the site.  Here’s a look at the CMS for this website as we were creating this very post:



This is commonly referred to as “blogging” but I like to stay away from that word since blogging often has negative connotations for busy business owners.  They often think blogging is like an online diary of sorts and maybe it was back in the day but “blogging” has evolved to the point where it really is all about content management and easy updates and accessibility.  We no longer make distinctions between blogs and websites.  All the websites we build now are blogs and all blogs are websites which we refer to by the more accurate moniker as Content Management Systems (CMS).

Our preferred CMS is WordPress but there are many other CMS systems such as Joomla and Drupal as well as many proprietary CMS systems favored by many website design companies.  So while we may be biased towards WordPress because of our familiarity with it, it’s not the only game in town.  But the important takeaway message here is that you need SOME type of CMS system in order to make your content marketing and social media marketing efforts a reality.


And the other important ingredient to any content marketing and social media marketing effort is the RSS feed.  Not sure what an RSS feed is?  Not to worry.  While we produced this video almost 3 years ago it’s as relevant today, even more so, then it was back then when we realized that blogging was about to become the cornerstone of all future and present online marketing efforts:


BOTTOM LINE:  So to recap, in order to take advantage of content marketing and social media marketing, a prerequisite is a website that encourages you (not discourages you) to update it frequently with relevant, useful and informative content which we’ve outlined here in our blog post about Social Media Marketing is the New SEO.  After creating the content in your CMS you can use your RSS feed and other means to spread it around across the Internet using your various social media platforms to reach your clients and prospects where they hang out.