web ceoIf you’ve ever wondered how your competitors are coming up so far ahead of you on the search engines that’s a good question to be asking yourself.

With searchers rarely venturing beyond the first couple of results pages, the thinking is that the higher up you are in the results the more traffic you’ll get to your website which you can hopefully convert into sales.

Search engine marketing is, like all aspects of sales and maybe even more so, a numbers game.

Assuming you have your own web house in order with a clear call to action and easy navigation and some type of data capture strategy, it’s safe to assume that the more people who find your website when conducting a search for the benefits your business has to offer, the more sales you’ll make.

So just how are your competitors getting ahead of you?

Several factors include:

  • Good keyword density for relevant keywords
  • Proper META tags
  • Keywords in the TITLE tag
  • Lots of inbound links from other, related sites

But how do you know?

Well, there are many cool tools out there that can analyze your web site compared to designated competitor’s sites.

Keyword Spy offers a free version that’s definitely worth a look.  It allows you to compare your site with others in a head-to-head comparison based on keywords and serach objectives.

The program that we personally use and recommend is WEB CEOWEB CEO offers in depth analysis of your site vs two competitors at a time.  It will tell you where you rank on all the search engines (we only monitor Google, Yahoo & MSN), what keywords your competitors are using and how many inbound links each site has.  That’s very useful because it’s not really apparent by looking at the site how many other sites are linking in. 

WEB CEO will also tell you how to price pay per click campaigns (if this is something you’re considering) and provides a wealth of other details to help any website strategize their approach to search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

 WEB CEO — it’s an essential tool in any online marketers tool kit.

Samson Media is offering a complete head-to-head analysis for up to three websites for only $195 as a way to improve your own SEO research.  Contact gene@samsonmedia.net for details.