Inbound linking programs new jerseyAs we’ve written before about the importance of inbound link building to increase your search engine traffic, a great way to increase the visability of your website or blog is to comment on other blogs and have people comment on yours. 

When you comment on other blogs you can sometimes link the keywords in the blog post back to your site.  For instance, when we leave a link on a blog comment area we do it like this:

“Website designers New Jersey,”

The words “Website designers New Jersey” are used as the link, NOT our name.  If someone is looking for SamsonMedia we’ll come up right away.  No need to waste the link on our name.  The key is to make your actual keyword (or keyword phrase) the link!


Adding a link back to your site in a blog post is great but the problem often is that many blogs are set up with “No follow” links which is exactly what it sounds like.  No Follow blogs block the search engines from indexing the comment links thereby negating any value they may represent to the commenter.  Some NO FOLLOW blogs don’t even know that’s how they’re set up because many WordPress blogs are NO FOLLOW by default. 

Because we strongly believe in the power of comment linking and want to create more value for you, our readers, we’ve recently installed the KeywordLUV Plugin so all your comments will be DO FOLLOW links allowing you to benefit from commenting on this blog.

Comment away!  Enjoy the link juice!