seo-1As many of you know who read this blog regularly, I’ve been on a quest the last few months to dominate the keyword phrase “website designers new jersey“.

Which is no small feat considering there are 27, 200,000 results for that phrase.  You read correctly —27 MILLION.

Well, I’m happy to say that as of this writing, Samson Media is now number two after the local business listings (Click HERE to see) for “website designers new jersey“.  And that’s not all!

Take off the “s” and make it “”website designer new jersey” and we’re now a solid number two ABOVE the local business listings (click HERE to see).  And that’s with over 40 million results!

And check out “email marketing new jersey“.  Yup, that’s us sitting up there at number one on Google with over 24 million results.  Not too shabby.  Not too shabby, indeed.