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It’s time once again to gaze into our crystal ball to try and divine the social media and Internet marketing trends that will drive online marketing in the year ahead.  Here are three major trends we see in the months ahead:

#3:  Video Marketing Will Increase:  with an abundance of great video hardware and video editing software to create and post videos, look for Google-owned YouTube to increase it’s dominance as not only a video hosting platform but a social media and advertising platform.  Also look for increased integration between video and email and other lead generation tools like  Also look for social media platforms like Facebook to favor videos uploaded directly to their eco-systems and not just links to videos from other places.

#2:  Slideshare: Ever since was purchased by LinkedIn in 2012 the service has continued to expand and bring premium services like the inclusion of videos (see #3) out from behind the premium wall and integrated with the basic, free, service.  Smart business on LinkedIn’s part to provide an easy-to-use tool set that now integrates seamlessly and effortlessly into the Mother Ship.  In addition to the slick shareability and easy integration of Slideshare on websites, blogs, social media outlets and even mobile apps, we particularly like it because of it’s SEO value:  Setting up an account will create an authoritative backlink to your site.  Look for more companies to create both original Slideshares as well as repurposing existing content to reach entirely new audiences on their site of very engaged users.

1:  Content Marketing:  When Content Marketing hits the New York Times you know it’s reached the mainstream.  Content marketing is bringing together all the BEST aspects of marketing in general.  It’s about EDUCATING your prospects and customers with information to help them make buying decisions.  And this dovetails exactly with the last wave of Google updates, especially Panda which began in 2011 and continued throughout 2014, which rewards good, relevant and useful content and penalized crap (that’s a technical term :-)).  As an over-arching umbrella concept, Content Marketing as a “strategy” will drive both social media marketing and content creation through the use of  story telling videos, Slideshares, graphics, audios and anything else that connects brands with the customers whose problems they are looking to solve.

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