Updating Your Social Media Marketing for 2014


Everyone knows that having a strong social media strategy in place is integral to a business’s marketing efforts. However, it can be difficult to predict the ways in which social media use will change over the course of the next year. We have five key predictions for the ways that social media will grow and change during 2014. If your business uses social media, you will want to consider these five critical facts.

Social Media Marketing in 2014

Here are five critical developments that you can expect to see in social media in the coming year:

1.  Social Media Will No Longer Be Optional

Although social media has grown exponentially over the past several years, 2014 will be the year where businesses that do not currently use social media will be unable to continue. Although “basic” social media like Facebook and Twitter will remain important, it will soon be mandatory for businesses to use other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

2.  Google Plus Will See Its Influence Grow

As we enter 2014, we can expect to see Google Plus grow in scope and influence. Many people believe that Google Plus is the closest thing available to a “one size fits all” social media platform. Furthermore, Google Plus will become increasingly important for SEO. If your business does not have a Google Plus presence, now is the time to get involved.

3.    Images and Videos Will Be Crowned King

Images and videos will be more important than ever in 2014.  You should definitely have a presence on YouTube which not only has a lot of social media capabilities but has significant SEO value especially with Google (which owns YouTube).  Pinterest is also worth noting for images as well as posting YouTube videos.  You may also want to pay special attention to the growth and importance of micro-videos, like the ones on Vine. In 2014, it will be imperative that your company have a solid plan for its social media images and videos.

4.    LinkedIn Will Grow and Change

Long known as “the professional Facebook,” LinkedIn can be expected to grow and change over the course of 2014. Most notably, LinkedIn will see increased influence in B2B marketing. If you have not already heard of the LinkedIn Influencers program, you should check it out before the new year rolls around.

5.   MySpace Will Stage a Comeback

With a complete image overhaul and a brand new iPhone app, MySpace is mounting a major comeback effort. The new MySpace provides users a way to network, message each other privately, and listen to personal radio stations. Although it seems unlikely that MySpace will ever oust Facebook or Twitter, it will be worth watching in 2014.

Social media will see many changes in 2014. If your business has not already developed a comprehensive game plan for the coming year, now is definitely the time to do it. If you keep these five predictions in mind as we enter the new year, you and your business will be able to dominate social media in 2014.

What is your business doing to make a major social media impact in 2014?


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