Have you ever wondered why some websites have great video testimonials from customers, while others do not?

It’s not because their business is better than yours or anyone else’s. (They’re not.)

It’s because they have a system in place to make those videos happen.

 See, coordinating video testimonials isn’t as easy as it sounds.

 Most business owners think they can just:

  • Ask their customers to send them videos
  • Then those videos show up in their inbox
  • Then they add those videos to their website!

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately, it is not.

Instead, business owners and customers run into all kinds of problems, such as:

  • What’s the best way to record those videos?
  • What should they say?
  • How do they remember what to say?
  • How do you ensure the testimonial hits on all the relevant points?
  • How do you ensure quality?

Then, when the recording is done:

  • How do they send you that massive video file?
  • Who is going to edit the video?
  • Where should the video be used, and who is going to post it on your website?
  • When will I have time to take care of all this?

What sounded like an easy task, ends up being a huge time suck for both the business owner and the customers.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS—-we’ve removed all of those barriers for you.

Our Videos 4U service is a “done for you” service to help you get quality, professional video testimonials while barely having to lift a finger:

  • We come up with high-impact questions to be used to interview your customer (you simply give approval or feedback on the questions).
  • We reach out to the customer or customers of your choice on your behalf to request and schedule the video testimonial interview.
  • We conduct the brief video interview with them remotely using our own video recording technology (made specifically for these types of interviews).
  • We professionally edit the video so it focuses solely on the customer (and remove ourselves from it completely).
  • We add the video to your website and advise you on other ways you can use it (and we can help you with those as well).

Everything is done remotely, quickly, and effortlessly.

The end result is you have a great video testimonial from your customer, for your website or social media or anywhere else, that gives a tremendous boost to your online reputation and “social proof” for your brand.

All for a one-time, affordable price.

This is a Done

For You service!

 Are you ready to start having video testimonials work for you?

QUESTION: “Can’t I just do this on my own and have customers record videos on their own computers or phones?”

ANSWER: You can, but there are some tremendous barriers that hold back business owners and customers from making this happen.

Most business owners simply don’t have the time to coordinate something like this, plus they inevitably run into a few technological problems along the way that take up even more time and leaves them feeling discouraged.

Business owners have a tendency to place the burden on the customer to figure out what to do, what to say, and how to put it all together. That’s simply too much to ask of your customers.

Right now, savvy business owners are searching for creative ways to strengthen their brand during these strange times, so they can emerge better than they were before.

But how do you do that when you’re in survival mode?

The answer is simple–have someone else do it for you.

With so many people working reduced schedules, there has never been a better time to ask customers to spend a few minutes helping you out.

And it’s never been more important for businesses to strengthen their brand image and reputation through social proof.