As I’ve been saying all along, optimizing your website for the search engines is a combination of many things, when added up, that help get your site ranked high on the search engines.  There is no one, Silver Bullet.

One of the main search engine optimization tips involves your META tags.  And here it is:  DON’T list your company or domain name first in your <title> tags.  Most likely, anyone looking for your company by name will find it.  And you’ll probably come up number one or close to it if someone searches for your business name any way.

Put your company name at the end of the title tag AFTER your keywords.  For example, “Search Engine optimization, web design & more — Samson Media, LLC, “We Build Websites That Sell!” is the title tag I use for my own site.  Search engine optimization and web design being two of my keywords.

The same for all your other pages, too.  Think benefits/keywords as part of all your META tags and make sure these same keywords are included in the body copy as well.  But that’s a story for another blog posting!