search engine optimization new jersey

It looks like our SEO efforts to rank high for one of our own keyword phrases is beginning to pay off but with some interesting and revealing twists and turns.

Samson Media made a goal of ranking high for the keyword phrase “Website designer New Jersey” at the beginning of 2009 in order to avoid the shoemaker’s syndrome of having holes in our own virtual shoes. 

Sure, we’re getting high rankings for various keyword phrases for our clients, but our own SEO efforts for our own website had a lot to be desired.

So we staked out the keword phrase “Website designers New Jersey” with the goal of getting on page one of Google or die trying (well, maybe not really “die” but you know…take it seriously).

Anyway, as of today I’m happy to report some success as well as some interesting observations:

For the phrase:  web site designer New Jersey (singular) we’re coming up on page 3 out of 80+ million results.  Not bad.  But not number one, either.  But that’s out of nowhere as of last year,

Add a simple “s” to website designerS New Jersey and now we’re on the bottom of page one out of 27 million results.  Ok, better.

But add quotes around either phrase in the search box (“website designer/s New Jersey”) and all of a sudden we’re number 2 out of about half a million.

Bottom line:  we’re getting there!  Next up:  “search engine optimization new jersey”