Search engine optimization Guarantee

We got your SEO guarantee right here.

If anyone guarantees you a page one ranking on Google or other search engine, don’t walk —run the other way!*

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know we’ve discussed all kinds of techniques for optimizing your website in an effort to improve the chances of attracting relevant searches and search engine traffic to your site, it’s important to understand that there are no guarantees.

But despite all your best efforts, and our best efforts, your website or pages of your website may never make it to page one of Google.

The reason has a lot to do with the initial strategy that went into selecting the keywords you want to target, combined with the competition for those keywords, mitigated by the search volume for your chosen keyword phrases and a host of other factors largely beyond your control.

So why bother you ask?

Because while optimizing your website is no guarantee that you’ll arrive on page one of Google, Yahoo! or Bing (The Big 3), not optimizing your site WILL guarantee your site will not be found.

But take heart. Once you optimize your site, and install Google Analytics, a picture will begin to emerge about the effectiveness of your chosen keywords. You’ll see in colorful, nifty charts and graphs, which keywords are leading people to your site, to what pages, and which are not.

To learn about the professional SEO tools and keyword research tools we use and recommend for our clients, such as WordTracker and WEB CEO, many with free trials and free starter versions, be sure to visit the “Solutions” area of our website here:

*we do offer a limited, local search money back guarantee or your money back.  Meaning, if we fail to get specific parts of your video SEO campaign on page one of Google we will refund your money.  We only offer this guarantee only for certain types of clients which is guaranteed by the refund not just the results themselves.