As we’ve been discussing in previous blog posts, we’ve embarked on our own 10 x 10 video marketing program.

The plan:  create 10 videos that answer the most frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimization (the product and service we sell) and then produce another 10 videos that answer the “Should” Asked Questions that you want clients to ask.

We’re pulling back the curtain on our own marketing program to share with you how this technique can be used for ANY business that is looking to gain more clients and customers from the search engines.

The thinking is that by sharing our expertise with a series of videos, we are building trust with our prospects.  Each video FAQ/SAQ is nothing more than me talking about various points that make up the SEO process.  From the viewers’ perspective it’s an easy way to get useful, practical, bite-sized nuggets of information about a complicated topic — SEO.

In order to get the 20 free videos, the prospect has to opt-in to our email marketing system, confirm their subscription, and then they can start getting one video a week for twenty weeks — certainly enough time to build credibility and establish a bond and level of trust with our prospect.

To package the whole thing together we created a basic WordPress site but this could certainly be something you place on your main website.  You don’t need a separate website to make this work but since developing websites is our business it was no big deal for us to create.


In our next blog post on this topic we’re going to discuss the other phase of this whole process, which is really a parallel track:  distribution!  Check back to learn how each one of our 20 videos will be used to drive traffic back to our own offer and how you can use this same powerful technique for YOUR business!